NFL Week 3 Preview

I’m getting to this post kind of late today, but it’s worth it. My lovely wife somehow scored tickets to Mumford & Sons last night here in Dallas, and it was a fantastic show. It’s been sold out for months, I don’t know how she did it. I don’t work well on late nights, but I have plenty of caffeine in me today to pump this out.

Week 2 in the NFL solidified a few things.  One, the Chiefs are probably better than we thought they were (and I have them in the playoffs). I don’t see them winning the AFC West, but I can see them stealing a game from Denver. Another thing I became confident about is the ineptitude of the Jaguars. It’s incredible how bad they are. I think it’s time for Tim Tebow to go back home. The last thing that I learned this week is that the Browns are playing for next year. The big news is that they traded Trent Richardson to Indianapolis for a pick. They have so many offensive holes, and now they just created another. They will also be starting their 19th quarterback since 1999, with Brian Hoyer.

There was plenty that went un-solidified, though. Are the Eagles for real yet? What’s wrong with the Patriots? Did the 49ers have a one-game issue, or is their lack of offense something to seriously worry about? These things, and more, will have to wait to be answered.


And now, my Top 5 games of this week, along with my picks:


  1. Kansas City Chiefs @ Philadelphia Eagles– This is obviously interesting because of Andy Reid’s ties to Philly, having coached there for the previous 14 seasons. I’m also interested how the fans in Philadelphia are going to react to him being back in that stadium. But, more importantly, it’s interesting because of the two teams involved. KC’s defense is better than any the Eagles have faced yet, and that should slow them down a bit. I think KC wins this game, mostly because I’m not sure if I believe in the Eagles yet. KC 27-24
  2. Green Bay Packers @ Cincinnati Bengals– I like the Bengals this year, but this is a tough test for them. A lot of people are pooing on Andy Dalton, but I still think he’s a solid QB. And the Packers’ defense is nothing special. Still, I think Green Bay has their way with this young team. Green Bay 38-21
  3. San Diego Chargers @ Tennessee Titans– This is another matchup of seemingly over-achieving teams. Both teams put up good-to-great games against Houston, but came up short in the end. Chris Johnson and Phillip Rivers seem to be having resurrection years. I think that I believe in San Diego’s hype more, though. Chargers 31-21
  4. Houston Texans @ Baltimore Ravens– I love defensive battles. Although neither defense is as good as we have seen them recently, they are still pretty formidable. Baltimore is a bit worse than usual this year (they barely beat the Browns last week), so I’m taking Houston in this one. Texans 27-14
  5. Jacksonville Jaguars @ Seattle Seahawks and Oakland Raiders @ Denver Broncos– This is a tie for me, and I love both of these games for different reasons. Seattle is a 19.5 point favorite over the Jags this week. That’s the highest spread in the NFL over the past 20 years. And I’m taking it. I think the Seahawks could put up another brutal 59-0 shutout like they did last year against the Cardinals. As for the Broncos game, I’m a homer. I love watching them play. And I love Monday Night Football. And, the Raiders don’t seem quite as incompetent this year. Terrell Pryor looks pretty good. Denver 38-21 and Seattle 41-3 

What are your picks this week?



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