Three Reason Why The Rangers Aren’t Playing In October

Baseball might be only my third favorite sport, but I love the Texas Rangers. I love the history, even though I wasn’t around for much of it, but I also love the recent history, which I have witnessed every moment of. I love having Nolan Ryan as a member of the organization, even if he is just a mascot. I love having a young, hip GM in Jon Daniels. I LOVE Ron Washington. But I do not love this year.

The Rangers were missing more than a few components of a championship team. Which is why they didn’t make the playoffs. Here are three that stuck out to me:


  1. Lack of bats: The Rangers lost three major bats last offseason in Josh Hamilton, Mike Napoli, and Michael Young. These three totalled 75 HR and 251 RBI. Pretty big numbers for just 3 guys. They were replaced by Lance Berkman (6 HR and 34 RBI). Alex Rios (6 HR 26 RBI) came over in a trade for the past few months, but the load was expected to be picked up by David Murphy and Mitch Moreland, who totaled 36 HR and 105 RBI. Not quite the production they needed. The Rangers will have to seek out some big bats to play next October.
  2. Injured Pitchers- Colby Lewis and Matt Harrison were injured basically all season (Harrison pitched 2 games, Lewis didn’t pitch). There’s not much you can do about this, and Yu Darvish and Derek Holland (along with Matt Garza midway through) did a decent job, but you have to have a full stable of starting pitching to go anywhere.
  3. Jurickson Profar- Ok, so it’s not all his fault, but what I mean here is more the process of JD to rely on younger players rather than veterans. That’s why he didn’t sign Hamilton, Napoli, or Young. He had young guys he thought would step up and fill the gaps. They didn’t.

All in all, I think the Rangers had a good year. To get this rag-tag bunch to win 90 games is almost black magic, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Warsh used some in his managing of the team. I trust Jon Daniels to get this group back into prominence and contention this offseason.


What do you think went wrong for the Rangers this year?


2 responses to “Three Reason Why The Rangers Aren’t Playing In October

  1. I think you’re right about the bats–technically, they had hitters. They just didn’t show up, pretty much all year. The only one that did got suspended at the worst possible time. Beltre was probably the best, but he had two major slumps.

    As far as pitching, I think I saw a statistic that no team has ever won the World Series when their starting pitchers miss more than 10 games or so. The Rangers trotted out 11 different starting pitchers this year. (Though it felt like 30)

  2. The Rangers still finished in the top third in runs, batting average, on base percentage, and slugging percentage, however, I feel these numbers are slightly skewed by their ability to generate all their runs in one game and then not be able to score when we need them to which is evident by them going 2-6-1 in their last nine series. They were too inconsistent in their hitting. I agree that Daniels may be partly to blame for relying too much on young hitters such as Profar, but I’ll commend him on going out and getting Garza to add to our saddled pitching staff (Lewis, Harrison, Ogando, Feliz). Our pitching staff with all its’ inconsistencies I feel is the biggest contributing factor to the Rangers not playing this October, along with the unfortunate timing of Nelly’s suspension as Ben mention.

    Would have also like to seen better play at home too this year.

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