2013 Is Crazy/Bachelor Party

This year is really starting out strong. Planning a wedding is a lot of work, and I’m hardly even doing anything. I don’t know how Autumn is handling all of this. This week started with me coming back from my snowboard trip with the guys, being sore and tired, and ends with moving Autumn into our new marriage apartment. Exciting times, to be sure, but it doesn’t leave a lot of room for writing.

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Why Your New Years Resolutions Never Work

I don’t know about you, but I’m terrible at setting goals. I always seem to get ahead of myself and make them unrealistic. That is, until last year. I wrote a piece called “The Next 12” in which I outlined different ideas for goal-setting. I broke them down into categories like physical, financial, and dream goals. I made myself goals based on my own advice. I wrote them down, and encouraged my homegroup guys to do the same, and made sure to tell people around me so they could keep me accountable. The most important part was almost neglected, and that was bringing up the goals we set throughout the year to see how much progress we were making.

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Week 16 Quick Hits

As we near Christmas Day (5 days away!) NFL Teams are asking Santa for plenty this year. The Cowboys, Bears, and Steelers are asking for a playoff miracle. The Jets are hoping McElroy is the QB they have been hoping for (and I hope along with Tim Tebow that he gets a shot elsewhere, and rumor is they’re shopping him and Sanchez). Matt Ryan and the Falcons are hoping to get that elusive first playoff win, as is Matt Schaub (TJ Yates won the Texans’ playoff game last year).

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How Not To Respond To Tragedy

I have mostly stayed away from responding to tragedies. This is mostly because I have no idea what to say. I know my words could never calm the pain that a mother, father, sibling, wife, or friend could feel. I tend to keep quiet and reflect, asking God to answer questions, heal, and comfort. That’s the only response I know. Even this response isn’t well thought-out. Today’s post is mostly a venting table for me, so feel free to move on.

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I have a confession to make. 

I don’t know that much about Advent. I know Christmas well, we have been friends for 24 years this coming December 25th, but I don’t know much about Advent.

So, I did what any normal American would do: I went to WikiPedia. I learned a lot about wreaths and Advent calendars and burning bushes, but not much about the actual meaning of Advent.

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