Today is quite the significant day. August 14. For one, it is Our Holy QB, Tim Tebow’s birthday. I know opinions of him are becoming less and less positive/relevant, but I still like him. Secondly, it is my two-year birthday of starting this blog! I can’t believe all the twists and turns that I’ve been through since beginning this journey as a writer, but I’m so glad I started.

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Recovery Weekend

I didn’t have a football post last week, nor did I have a Thanksgiving post. That’s like, the easiest way to get feels in the blog-writing community. I regret nothing, although you guys missed out, probably.

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10 Movies I’m Excited For

You may not know this about me, but I love movies. They are expensive, so I don’t see a lot of them, but I do enjoy them. As a guy, my favorites are action, more specifically superhero movies. I have seen a few good movies so far this year (and missed a lot-I have so much catching up to do after watching the Oscars!) but the following are 10 movies that I will be seeing once they come out. In order of appearance:

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