NFL 2013 Predictions

*I started writing this last week, and wasn’t planning on it taking me a week to finish, so I didn’t plan on having a Week 1 recap, so I won’t. I’m going to do that later this week*

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m super excited about football season. I’ve even found myself watching some college football the past few weekends, to prep my mind and spirit. As I’ve done every year, I am going to lay out some predictions for the upcoming year. In the past, I have been pretty good with predictions, if I do say so myself, so feel free to use this post to bet, and then send me some money.

Over the past few years in the NFL, it’s almost a given that 4-5 playoff teams from the previous year will not make the playoffs in the current year. Last years playoff teams for the AFC were Patriots, Broncos, Ravens, Texans, Colts, Bengals. And for the NFC 49ers, Packers, Vikings, Falcons, Seahawks, Redskins. Since history shows that 4 of these teams won’t make the playoffs, I’ll go with Ravens, Redskins, Vikings, Colts. And the 4 I’ll have making it instead are the Cowboys, Saints, Chiefs, Dolphins. I’m not super confident about the AFC picks, mostly because the AFC has an unequal balance of power, unlike the NFC, in which almost any team can make it.


To recap, Here are my playoff rankings (again, Week 1 has no bearings on these picks):


  1. Denver Broncos
  2. Houston Texans
  3. Cincinnati Bengals
  4. New England Patriots
  5. Kansas City Chiefs
  6. Miami Dolphins


  1. San Francisco 49ers
  2. Green Bay Packers
  3. Dallas Cowboys
  4. New Orléans Saints
  5. Seattle Seahawks
  6. Atlanta Falcons

And I have the Denver Broncos beating the Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl. I promise, it’s not a homer pick!


Who are your playoff and Super Bowl teams? Don’t forget to send me money when I help you win!



The Remaining QB Rankings

I firmly believe that, in order to make it through 3 or 4 games of NFL playoffs, a team must have a good quarterback. He doesn’t need to be elite, just good. Big Ben fits in here, but Christian Ponder does not. So, with 8 teams remaining in the playoffs, I will rank the QBs for each team. This ranking is based solely on my trust in the QB, in general, not necessarily for their matchup this week. Here goes:

8.) Colin Kaepernick– It’s his first playoff game. I’m not sure what to expect out of him yet.

7.) Matt Schaub- He got his first playoff win last week. I don’t trust him to take me all the way.

Tie-6.) Russell Wilson- He’s only this low because he’s a rookie.

Tie-6.) Matt Ryan- Matt Ryan has fewer playoff wins than Tony Romo. I’m not sure why, but the Falcons are 0-3 in the playoffs under Matt Ryan.

4.) Joe Flacco- He hasn’t been to the big game yet, but Flacco has some good-to-great wins in the postseason.

3.) Tom Brady- I know he is probably higher in everyone else’s book, but he hasn’t won a SB since 2005. That’s 7 seasons.

2.) Peyton Manning- Peyton is the best QB right now, in my opinion,but he has much more help than most other QBs in the playoffs. 

1.) Aaron Rodgers- Aaron is currently the scariest QB in the league right now. He has to make the Packers win, because they have nothing else.

How would you rank the QBs that will be playing today and tomorrow?

Playoff Predictions: Divisional Round

Half of last weeks playoff games were a bit surprising to me. I really thought the Colts would play better against the Ravens. I also didn’t expect the Ravens’ offense to play as well as they did (2 fumbles notwithstanding). I underestimated how injured RGIII was. Watching that knee buckle was absolutely painful. I hate seeing such a good guy go down like that.

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NFL Week 14-Quick Hits

I figured I’d get back to basics this week, after not having a football post in two weeks. We now have 5 teams locked into the playoffs, and the Falcons, Patriots, and my Broncos have all clinched their divisions. The Texans still have the Colts chasing their tail, but I think Houston will win the AFC South.

  • I know we are all still focused on football, but seeing the Lakers below 500, even after their coaching change, is making me so happy. That my Spurs are near domination doesn’t hurt at all. 
  • Baseball’s Winter Meetings seem like they will be over without anything major happening. What do you think will be the blockbuster move of this offseason?
  • College Bowl Season is just around the corner. I’m not that into the college game, but I still enjoy watching it here and there. What’s your favorite matchup of the 35 (I can’t believe there are that many) bowl games? At a quick glance, I think the Holiday Bowl, featuring Baylor against UCLA will be good, mostly because Baylor is so fun to watch. The Fiesta Bowl seems pretty intriguing, as well, featuring Oregon and Kansas State. And despite all the anger, from an outsiders perspective, I’m interested in seeing Alabama against Notre Dame. I’m one of those guys who thinks the SEC is kinda over rated.
  • On a personal note, Autumn and I found our first marriage apartment! It’s basically our dream, under our budget, and has everything we wanted. I’m really excited about this and would like everyone to cheers us in your own way!

Week 14 Top 10 (notes may include up to the past 2 weeks of my observations)

1. Houston Texans– The Texans are playing well and should wrap up their division soon, even with the pesky Colts playing well.
2. Atlanta Falcons– Atlanta played much better in it’s win last week over the Saints, but still have to perform better to make use of their presumed #1 seed in the NFC Playoffs.
3. Denver Broncos– Right now this team looks unstoppable, and with an upcoming schedule vs. Oakland, Baltimore, Cleveland, and Kansas City, I don’t see them slowing down going into the playoffs.
4. New England Patriots– Playing well, but still have 2 more tough games ahead against Houston and San Francisco.
5. Baltimore Ravens– Losing to the Steelers and their 3rd string QB was surprising and showed the Ravens still have a ways to go to make a run at the AFC title.
6. San Francisco 49ers– I’m not sure that Colin Kapernick is the right guy to start, but you have to give Harbaugh credit for having the stones to make a decision that he thinks will help them win.
7. Tie-Chicago Bears– An embarrassing home loss to the Seahawks shows this team still has a way to go.                                    7. Tie- Green Bay Packers– The Packers didn’t even put up a fight against the Giants, and this team has to improve if they are going to make a dent in the playoffs.
9. Indianapolis Colts– Everyone knew the Colts would be good with Andrew Luck, but nobody thought it’d come this fast. I’m constantly impressed watching this team.
10. New York Giants– I can’t say I’m sold on this team, and I’m not sure they know what they’re doing either, but for right now, they are a Top 10 team.

Top 4 Week 14 Games

  • Baltimore Ravens @Washington Redskins– I don’t think the Ravens will be able to hold RGIII and Alfred Morris. 
  • Chicago Bears @Minnesota Vikings- The Bears are too good, and while the Vikings are on the cusp, they aren’t quite there yet.
  • Dallas Cowboys @Cincinnati Bengals– This game is truly a toss-up for me, but I don’t think Jason Garrett is going to be able to come up big in a big game.
  • Houston Texans @New England Patriots- I think the Texans are the best team in the AFC (although, I’d like my Broncos to get another shot at them)

These are the only 4 must watch games for me. What games are you excited about?


Quick Hits- Week 10

It’s crazy, with all this parity in the league, that we still have teams as terrible as the Kansas City Chiefs. Did you realize that they have never led in regular time? The only game they won they did so in overtime, and the final score was their only lead. They even attempted to start Brady Quinn for a game or two. I have some other questions for you guys:

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Week 8 Quick Hits

Time for another version of Quick Hits! Maybe I’ll change the name to something more creative like 4 downs or 3 strikes or the PK or the 100m or bullseye. I don’t know yet, still working on it. Any suggestions?

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Week 4 In Review

Well, guys, I went 0-4 again in my fantasy football leagues. I’m not sure why I suck so bad. It’s really all-or-nothing for my teams. Either they all perform well, or they all are terrible. There is no in between.

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