Three Reason Why The Rangers Aren’t Playing In October

Baseball might be only my third favorite sport, but I love the Texas Rangers. I love the history, even though I wasn’t around for much of it, but I also love the recent history, which I have witnessed every moment of. I love having Nolan Ryan as a member of the organization, even if he is just a mascot. I love having a young, hip GM in Jon Daniels. I LOVE Ron Washington. But I do not love this year.

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Week 7 Quick Hits

I spent most of my time this week writing my Politics post from yesterday, so today’s NFL post is a bit lacking. But, there are some things I want to talk about, so I’ll just rapid fire them.

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The past few years, as has been noted here, have been the beginning of a wonderful, lifelong relationship with the Texas Rangers. I just so happened to move to Dallas at the beginning of a wonderful time for the Texas Rangers. As a follower, I have now witnessed Sammy Sosa (along with a revolving door of other talent), the beginning of the Warsh era, the very controversial and confusing sale of the team, and the loss of 2 World Series’. As of Friday night, I can add the collapse and giveaway of the AL West title along with the loss of the first ever 1-game Wild Card playoff. Overall, I’m pretty upset with this season, and it’s not because we didn’t get to the World Series again.

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Interviews: Scott Kerzner

A few weeks ago, I asked some of my good friends and fellow bloggers a few sports related questions and most of them were gracious enough to answer. Today, we will hear from Scott Kerzner. He blogs at about money management and tweets at @skottydog. Scott has been a great friend and mentor in my blogging world, and he has a great story of how he and his wife got rid of all their debt. And he’s a hockey fan, so we get a fresh perspective today! I would greatly encourage you to read his blog!

Josh Hamilton

On the night of January 30, 2012, Josh Hamilton was at a restaurant and was joined by Ian Kinsler, who then left Hamilton after they ate dinner. Hamilton then had a few drinks. This is literally all we know about the situation. This is was Hamilton has said, and whether you want to believe him or not, he is the only one who knows what happened. Hamilton has specifically said there were no drugs, but also said ” things happened that me personally I’m not proud of after I drank, and they are personal and are being handled as that. ” Because nobody really knows what that means, the media in Dallas has jumped into a frenzy about what it could possibly mean. Josh has held a press conference, spoke at a men’s conference, and been interviewed by Glenn Beck, and has been honest but reserved about that night and what has transpired from that.

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