Three Reason Why The Rangers Aren’t Playing In October

Baseball might be only my third favorite sport, but I love the Texas Rangers. I love the history, even though I wasn’t around for much of it, but I also love the recent history, which I have¬†witnessed¬†every moment of. I love having Nolan Ryan as a member of the organization, even if he is just a mascot. I love having a young, hip GM in Jon Daniels. I LOVE Ron Washington. But I do not love this year.

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The past few years, as has been noted here, have been the beginning of a wonderful, lifelong relationship with the Texas Rangers. I just so happened to move to Dallas at the beginning of a wonderful time for the Texas Rangers. As a follower, I have now witnessed Sammy Sosa (along with a revolving door of other talent), the beginning of the Warsh era, the very controversial and confusing sale of the team, and the loss of 2 World Series’. As of Friday night, I can add the collapse and giveaway of the AL West title along with the loss of the first ever 1-game Wild Card playoff. Overall, I’m pretty upset with this season, and it’s not because we didn’t get to the World Series again.

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